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Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1999 13:15:24 -0000

Hi Ken take alook at the slann rules there you will find some good rules for
warp jumping. Whoever wrote these took all the factors of a warp jump and
put it together simple and to the point. Great job!!! no room for pepole to
argue about, These rules would work nicely for the grey knights.
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>>> If Grey Knights can't teleport and charge then they are useless.....and
>>> that's me speaking as a Chaos player. If they teleport and give me a
>>> to get my Daemons away from them and have time to shoot at them....well
>>> then I would be happy for my opponent to field them.
>>My point exactly. These guys barely qualify to be worth 400 point to begin
>>since they only work against chaos. Limiting their teleport and attack
>>puts them in the "I wont use them category"
>So what to change? If it comes to personal preference right now I say make
>them all command units for orders purposes (but not targeting!) and they
>teleport into hand to hand. I'm not a big fan of letting them teleport in,
>then charge though.
>Some sort of "standardized" teleportation rules could be nice.
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