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Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999 13:31:11 -0800

>> [Chaos: Invisibility Card]
>This was answered some time ago on the net, answers officially from GW. The
>invisibility card is played after the opponent nominates the targets but
>the dice are rolled. Once played the designated shots by the opponent to
>unit that is now invisible ARE LOST, the opponent MAY NOT pick another

Ok. So prettty much what I said ;)

>> [Chaos: Vortex Card]
>The vortex card works EXACTLY the same as the vortex missile ,except for
>range (limited to 25cm) and the stand doesn't need to be on first fire
>like a titan with a vortex missile.

Sooo, it DOES scatter is what you are saying? Afraid its not quite that

>> [Plasma Cannon Redux]
>Disagree, I own ALL Q&A from ALL sources, internet and WD and reavers CAN
>use the larger plasma weapons. That is why they made the blastgun for the
>warhound and reaver to use. Tables in the SM battles book page 9 and the
>template in the TL codex page 23 both DO NOT include it as a legitimate
>selection. I have no doubt that pictures may exist showing a reaver with
such a
>weapon, but that it hardly acceptable as a ruling. So whomever "discovered"
>that, better cough up some references.

Ask Birol about it ;)~ Apparantely it was agreed on before I joined up.
Sorry to rat you out Birol ;) heheh


>The Q&A Guy

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