[NetEpic ML] Deathstrike Missiles

From: Tzeentch <tzeentch666_at_...>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 20:44:58 -0800

Only problem with this is it requires errata to errata. And it brings in too
many questions, what if you fire only one missile? What prevents a player
from waiting until the last possible moment (counting his VPs all the way)
then fire them at the very last moment if it won't tip him over the edge. Or
if the battle is lost merely because he used a weapon. Who wants to lose a
battle for firing a missile??

Frankly its kinda ridiculous to charge VPS for using a Deathstrike. If used
its another special case rule and NetEpic already has too many of those. I
say count a missile from a Deathstrike as a unit , force the launcher to
remain after the missile is fired (and stay on the table at the launch site
or the missile goes "out of control". The price does not need to be raised
since really, the Titan missiles are better (instant hit and mounted on a
better launch system).

That's my opinion though,

> I agree that the Death strike should be worth more since LOS is not needed
> and VP's should be awarded after they are fired equivalent to their cost.
> addition availability should be taken into account especially for campaign
> or league games. Because now in real-life war the NATO forces are starting
> to run low on Tomahawk missiles and this would reflect the scarcity of
> such sophisticated weaponry. For example, after using them in a battle
> determine whether they have remaining replacements at the end of the game
> for the next battle. Maybe a 4+ to determine availability then after each
> subsequent battle 5+ and 6+ and so on. This way you can realistically
> portray the dwindling supply of weapons.
> Darius
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