[NetEpic ML] Re: Is Epic dead in your area?

From: kevin ludwig <sj_khorne_at_...>
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999 06:36:05 -0700 (PDT)

> It got me thinking and curious....
> Now, would everyone like to comment how strong (or
> weak) epic is in your
> respective areas. Also was it stronger before e40k
> or after? Was it
> easier to find opponent then or now? And ultimately
> did you play more
> games then or now.

       ok let me clarify how weak it is now after e40k . Before people
(mostly the store manger and whatnot) used to play almost daily . Each
employle had at least 5000 pts in epic stuff . i know one guy who had
something like 20 banelords , 10 imperators , and 30 different mix and
match choas titan he made (and thats just the titans :P)
Now the most of those guys left the store (.. said something about a
"real" job..) and when they come back every week they refuse to play
epic , even when there stuff is in the store . The store itself is part
of a 3 store chain , so all the stores gave all the epic stuff to one
store and have a perment 40% off sale on it and have no intent to buy
more .

> And the grand daddie of questions!
> What do you think will be the FUTURE of epic?
   maybe a year or 2 down the line , GW will re-release the box (new
minis , same rules) stick with the production line and keep new minis
and constant battle reports in the white dwarf .
   Netepic will continue to push it rules and as GW starts to lose its
epic line it will look towards netepic and start negotiations to
release it as a GW game . After that i cannot see .......

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