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>Same here. I casually frequent most hobby shops in the tri-state area of
>York and those that do carry GW have little or no epic. Heck my local
>(Men-at Arms) is/was one of the top national single store retailers in GW
>and even he can't seem to sell the stuff.
>> >And the grand daddie of questions!
>> >
>> >What do you think will be the FUTURE of epic?
>> >
>> Epic will slip and has slipped into the shadows of GW gaming but I am
>> that in time GW will give it another shot as it seems Epic is a pet
>> for Jervis and the boys. I just hope they use a little more savvy next
>> around or we better all scarf up every figure we can get our hands on if
>> want to be playing it years down the road... So I guess I have cautious
>> optimism about the game being re-released within the next five to seven
>> years, until then I'll patrol Bartertown for some great deals!
>I have no doubt it will be re-hashed at some point. The question is will we
>LIKE the next offering? The current trend of simpler and simpler rules
>to younger markets doesn't portend them making any "stimulating" epic rules
>the future.
>One jot we definately share is the killing you can make on the trading
>for picking up epic. People are so disenchanted with epic that some of the
>deals that show up are quite remarkable. Ironically there are more new
>on the trade market than in some stores!
>I guess would entertaining to specualte what form "epic" will take in the

Okay, out comes the magic crystal ball and (whoosh)...
In looking at current trends at GW toward skirmish type of gaming (even WHFB
looks headed for it) I think when epic is re-released it will again look
similar to the current version (epic 40k)and not the older version (SM/TL).
Their ideas on mixed detachments(force groups) tends to lend itself toward
fewer pieces on the table. Hell, they might even rename it... Epic seems a
title for a game that is grand in focus not for skirmish types of games.
Also, with the cost of their mini's being similar to the cost to vacation in
the south seas, they will probably focus on using fewer mini's when they
resurrect it. Too bad I didn't reply on April Fool's day I could have said I
think they are going to release it this fall and reduce prices on their
figures at the same time! Ha-Ha...

Eddie (SRG)


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