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Here is some of the original Q&A for Epic Ogre Battlesuit. Much of the
movement changes were made in the articles but I don't believe they were
changed in the article that was sent out (ie Battlesuit movement rates) Feel
free to send me questions, I want to make this the best list possible!

[Once on 50cm range a single squad of three suits would kill a heavy with
these stats. If save is 6+ and the mods are -2 the heavy will have less than
1/2 change to save and the heavy can't kill more than one suit a turn. ON
the other hand it will take a squad 2 or 3 turn of charging to close in the
gap between the difference of ranges and if the heavy has the room to back
of at advance rate it will take even more, So 2 to 3 squads of 3 suits might
be a realistic match on the open. I'd like to have more attack dice for the
tank (2 dice that hit on 3+ maybe, the railguns are pretty rapid fire) and
faster movement for everybody to get closer to the original game...]

  The problem with adding more attack dice is that it messes up the
comparisons between the units. I used direct conversions from the original
miniature stats using the following formula:

  Move = Move converted into cm. GEV dual movement rates were added together
then converted.
  Save = (6-Defense)x2 Units with 1 Defense got a small break with an 11+
save. Defense 0 units get no save.
  CAF = Attack
  Range = (Rangex10) converted to cm
  Attack Dice = 1 unless specifically mentioned as having multiple
  To-Hit = 6-Attack
  TSM = Attack
  Remember that the scale from the original Ogre game and Epic had to be
SEVERELY distorted. I doubt many players would appreciate weapons that take
out the board in a single hit, with spillover affecting stuff off the board
:) And cruise missiles? The blast radius is in kilometers.... :)
  It is impossible to totally reflect the Original game in Epic because the
two games are just too different. If you can think of something simple that
makes things more balanced and true to the original game let me know. But it
must allow direct conversion from original stats and preserve some measure
of the original differences between units.

  Using your suggested conversion rule a Heavy Tank in Ogre Miniatures
(Move: 6"(3 hexes)) coverts to 30cm advance, 45cm advance. Pretty much ok.
But take a GEV (Move: 8"/6"(4/3 hexes)) and you have a unit capable of
speeding around at 70cm advance (!) and 105cm charge!!! If you keep my
'Shoot N' Scoot' special rule then the GEV becomes one badass vehicle! And
people say they were too unbalanced in the original game!
  Ogres are not much changed, a Mark III that moves 15cm right now (maximum)
can now move 30cm. The Ninja gets to move 40cm.
  Hmm, the more I think about it the better that sounds actually, and I
believe its actually better. Of course I could not apply that to weapons
ranges unless you want to see the mighty Ogres being outranged by Land
Raiders (by a good margin too).

[Infantry is tough when defending a city in G.E.V. and would be in epic ogre
too. 100cm range would howewer give a change to besiege infantry in city
with a heavy tank outside effective counter attack range, the infantry is
just too slow. In G.E.V you need a missile tank for that. (If you shoot an
infantry in city with a heavy tank the infantry can counter attack and shoot
at the tank before the tank can shoot them in the open, but a missile tank
can shoot at the infantry from outside their immediate attack reach)]

Agreed, some things are distorted in Epic Ogre because of the scale changes.
But it does tend to seem more realistic that a tank can outrange an infantry

<Note that the movement rates of Ogres were modified in the version that
appeared in Incoming>

[One thing in the conversion that you use I really don't agree with is the
movement ranges. It makes the ogre stuff is way too slow mowing.
Battlesuited infantry should more mobile than standard militia and heavy
tanks should not be slower than 41th millenium tanks. I'd suggest the
following conversion instead:
    1 hex move = 10cm (not 5cm) advance move, but charge rate for last var
units is only 1.5 times the advance rate not 2 times, and ogres move at
advance rate only.]

What about the poor slob Militia in Ogre? Does the conversion mean they only
get a 5cm movement rate? :) They only have a move of 1" in the Miniature
game (not sure what it is in the board game since 2"=1 hex).
Assuming you round up to 10cm it makes sense. Battlesuits would have their
movement changed to:
  Standard Suit: 20cm, 30cm charge
  Assault Suit: 25cm, 35cm charge
  Command Suit: 25cm, 35cm charge
  Ranger Suit: 30cm, 45cm charge

[That would make ogres and last war tanks and infantry more manouwerable
than most 41th millenium units (as they should be according to all the last
war fluff) as well as faster compared to their weapon ranges (much closer to
the original ogre game), while making the maximum speeds quite comparable to
normal Epic units (Standard battlesuits would hawe the same charge speed
(30cm) as jump pack equipped 40k infantry. Heavy tanks would hawe 45cm carge
rate - a bit faster than land raiders, but slower than rhinos). The ogres
being limited to adavnce rate would be kind of an compromise - They could
still occasionally outmanouwer ewen battlesuited infantry (they do that
easily on the original game), but not totally leave them behind. An
undamaged 30cm mowing ogre would be quite a different thing than your
standard sluglike praetorian (and a damaged, slowed down ogre might be a
fair opponent against an 40k army...).]

  I agree with your movement conversion - but does anyone else get queezy
thinking of facing off against 100cm scoot n' shootin' GEVs? Even on advance
orders they are damn fast.
  That reminds me..I never did revise the movement table to take GEVs in
  So what do people think? Bump up the movements of all Epic Ogre units?


> -JAW

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