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This did not appear to get sent, so here it is again.. :)~

I think a lot of the new members missed some of the older posts, so heres
one of mine I'm looking for feedback on, let me know what you think.


  Stealthy units (ie units that cannot be fired on from more then 25cm away)
are changed when using these revisions.

  Units that are stealthy are always considered to be hiding - even while
moving. A stealthy units only becomes revealed in one of the following

1. Enemy unit moves within 25cm of the unit (10cm if in cover)
2. Unit fires.

   A unit that has its position revealed in these manners immediately
becomes visible and functions as a normal unit for targeting purposes.

  During the Orders phase of the *following* turn the unit becomes Hidden
again UNLESS the first condition (distance to enemy) is still in effect - in
which case the unit remains revealed for the entirety of the turn. Even of
the unit moves outside the 'visibility' distance it still remains spotted
for that turn.

  Stealthy units that are Hiding may also further obfuscate their location
by the use of Blip counters. for each turn that the unit remains unseen the
player may place a blip counter anywhere within Advance range of the unit.
The player may then secretly select the actual location of the stand from
among the deployed blip counters. A maximum of 2 blip counters per stand may
be deployed per stand.

  Blips are revealed if the enemy moves into range (see #1 above) or the
blip is fired upon and sucessfully 'hit'.

  Blips may not be stacked or placed within visiblity range of an enemy unit
(i.e blips may not be placed within 10cm of an unit if they are placed in
cover or 25cm if they are placed in the open).

  Stealthy units are give orders as normal but they do not have to be
revealed to the opposing player until the END of the current turn. To
prevent cheating the order counters for stealthy units should be placed face
down next to the unit until revealed in the End Phase.

  If the opposing player lies about the units orders or otherwise cheats the
stealthy units suffer heart attacks and count as being killed.

  As long as they are not visible, stealthy units CANNOT be targeted by
spotters or fired upon by indirect fire. If they fall under a template that
was targeted on another unit they are unaffected.

  Stealthy units that are not revealed do not count for line of
sight purposes or targeting restrictions. They do not block friendly line of
sight nor do they count for purposes of targeting command units.


Morale Levels
  In these modified morale rules all units have a Morale Level in addition
to their normal Morale rating.

  Immune: The unit is immune to all morale effects unless specifically
mentioned otherwise. If the unit has a Morale value it is just for
record-keeping purposes.

  Fanatic: The unit is above fear and will only break in the most dire of
situations or when faced with sanity breaking horror. Units that begin play
at the Fanatic Morale Level may ignore the first TWO Morale checks they
would otherwise have to make each turn. If they fail a check after that they
lose Morale Levels as per the normal rules.

  Confident: Most units begin at this Morale Level. Confident troops ignore
the first Morale check they are required to make in the game (not per turn).

  Shaken: The unit has become a little warier and is less likely to get
itself into dangerous situations.

  Panic: The unit has seen enough of war and is no mood to continue the

  Broken: The unit has disintegrated as a combat unit and will not continue
the fight.

  Morale checks are made when a unit is placed in any of the situations
described below.

Taking Morale Checks
  To make the actual check a D6 is rolled against the units Morale value, if
the die roll is UNDER the units Morale Value then it fails its test and
loses a Morale Level.

  A Morale check is made immediately after whatever caused the unit to make
the check in the first place. The effects are then applied immediately.

  Also note that the unit can be forced to make multiple morale checks in a
single turn. This is perfectly acceptable. It is quite possible (though
unlikely) for even a Fanatical unit to become Broken or Panic in a single

  Morale Check modifiers are not cumulative.

25% or more of the detachment destroyed in a single attack - Normal Check
Detachment takes 50% casualties - Morale Check at -1 to roll
Comes under artillery or air attack - Normal Check (only one check per
turn is ever made for this circumstance, even if attacked multiple times in
one turn by artillery and/or aircraft)
Charged by a unit that forces morale check - Normal Check

  Sometimes a roll is needed to test the units confidence, but will not
result in lost Morale Levels if they are failed. These are called Guts
Checks and are made in the same manner as Morale Checks.

  Note that infantry still in their APCs are treated as vehicles for the
purposes of these rules unless otherwise noted.

Infantry - No effect
Vehicles - No effect

Infantry - No effect
Vehicles - No effect

Infantry - No effect
Vehicles - No effect

Infantry - If the unit is in cover it must make a Guts Check to leave. It
must also make a Guts Check to advance towards an enemy unit.
Vehicles - No effect

Infantry - Detachment MUST move for cover if not already in cover. May not
Charge into close combat and if it is engaged in close combat the unit
automatically drops to Broken.
  Vehicle - Detachment may not advance towards enemy unit

Infantry - Detachment immediately goes on Fall Back orders and withdraws
straight for the players side of the board. May not fire.
Vehicle - Detachment goes on Advance orders and must move at maximum
Advance rate for the players side of the board. May only attack units that
fired on it either during the previous turn or the current turn.

  Command units may attempt to rally their troops in the End Phase. To do so
they must be within 10cm of a unit and have clear line of sight. A rally
attempt can only be made once a unit reaches the Shaken level. You may never
raise a units Morale Level above the level of Confident, even if the unit
began play at Fanatic.

  To rally the commander announces his intention to attempt to rally a
unit - the target of the rally attempt may them make an UNMODIFIED Morale
Check. If the check succeeds the unit moves up ONE Morale Level immediately.

  If the check fails however, the unit immediately loses a further Morale
Level! So much for inspiration!

  A command unit may only rally one detachment per turn. Command units may
only rally units of the same type (Infantry can rally infantry, vehicles can
rally vehicles, titans and praetorians cannot rally).

Note: All Morale Levels are made by the *detachment* as a whole. Morale
modifiers from Command units are unchanged.

(Designers Notes: How to handle Ork morale? The entire clan has one Morale
Level? Sounds fairly reasonable given their purported psychology)

  Units noted as being Snipers follow some special rules. As it stands there
are very few units that can be classed as Snipers. The only two I can think
of are Eldar Scouts and Imperial Ratlings.

  As a general rule Snipers are Stealthy and follow the normal rules for
being such (see above).

Fear and Confusion
  Snipers are rightly feared by troops and any infantry detachment that
comes under Sniper attack (successful or not) must make an immediate Guts
Check or immediately stop moving. If the unit wishes to move again it must
make an Guts Check otherwise it may not move at all.

Snipers Eye
  Snipers are trained to take out valuable targets and thus may ignore all
targeting restrictions for targeting command units.
  In addition snipers may spot other Stealthy units at twice the normal
range (50cm if in the open, 25cm if in cover).

Move or Fire
  Snipers may not fire and move in the same turn.

Low Signature
  Snipers are not detected by firing their weapons.


Determining Combat Potential
  All units engaged in a specific hand to hand combat have their CAFs
totalled into one total. For this purpose double all vehicle CAFs and triple
Titans and Praetorians CAFs. Superheavies are doubled as for normal
  Once the totals are determined each player rolls ONE d6 and adds it to the
total. The difference between the two scores are the number of potential
hits. The loser of the roll scores half as many hits as the winner.

Allocating Hits
  The players may divide their losses however they see fit, with each hit
resulting in a casualty or Titan hit as normal. In these rules vehicles and
Titans get a Save of 5+ (unmodified) for each hit unless the damage is
Directed (see below).

Directed Damage
  The winner of the combat may decide to Direct some of his hits to a
specific unit or units. The winner simply 'spends' three of his potential
hits and nominates a target. This target is automatically hit and if a
vehicle or Titan is either destroyed or suffers automatic damage to a player
selected location (no save).


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