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>> There just inst much that will stand up to his harlaquines...and
>> screaming banchies.
>Use nobz on bikes, you have his harlaquins runing in no time. Also use the
stompers, they will hold up to the pounding you will get from his grav
tanks, and you'll be able to blow them out of the sky. The stompers are
cheap too. # heavy tabks for only 250. Hope this helps don't forget the
Death skulls great for going after objectives for that is there natural
>If the eldar army is based on assault infantry, try some great gargants
>gatling canon, supa' lifta droppa and gork head (obs. turret & 2 traktor
>kanonz) and load the belly gun with the higyh explosive round (the 12cm
>template rocks :-).
>The Mega-gargant also a great infantry and vehicle buster, but it's too
>vulnerable to boarding.
>I'm afraid that a howling banshe squad can mascare the whole krew in one
>> What I would like to know...is what is the orks
>> great secret....
>Me too. :-)
>> Also....regarding the Renegade Mechboyz.....Are they a clan or a
>> special??
>They are a special card.
>8 spedsta & dragsta and D6 kustom repair card for 600 points.
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