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Subject: [NetEpic ML] Re: Chaos and Drop Pods

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>>>>> AND
>>>>> put them back as a FREE CARD. If you can give the Eldar the all mighty
>>>>> Avatar for free ( CHEESY ) then give the SM's there drop pods for
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>>>>Dont complain about Free cards.....unlike the Avatar...and the other
>>>>the Eldar get for free....not everyone gets something for free....the
>>>>as far as I know. Oh...this brings up a good point thougt. With the
>>>>Avatar....When we play....we dont let the Avatar play if the game is
>>>>points. The way we see it.....the battle isnt big enough for the avatar
>>>>enough to show up.....But that is just one of our house rules.
>>>>Hmmm !!!! I just pulled out my rulez book, U illy ummie, and we ork
>>>get 3 FREE cards. They would be Gretchin mob of 4 stands, Madboy mob of 4
>>>stands, and Freebooterz of 1 kaptin and 4 stands, that is 13 free stands
>>>each company card. WOW !!! that is alot of shots to kill that many, could
>>>take someone 3 turns just to get rid of the free stands. :-) !!!!
>>Don't forget that you can only take one free card per clan. ANd it counts
>>against the five support cards allowed. So you only get four free stands
>>clan and if someone tries to tell me that four stands of Gretchin equal
>>drop pods this Orkie is gonna scream!!!!
>>Eddie (SRG)
>>Well really you can take 2, the gretchin or mad boyz as a support, and the
>freebooterz as a special. And yes they still would not equal the drop pods
>but, drop pods should not cost so much, for your free guys could shoot them
>to bits before I get them open killing my guys. And where is my SM free
>card, we still don't have one. :-)

According to the rules section in NetEpic under choosing forces... In the
section on free cards it says you may only choose one free card per clan
even though they may be listed as support or special cards. So I may only
take one gretchin or one madboyz or one freebooterz card....not two (I wish

How about if we make it so that only AA units on first fire may shoot at
drop pods as they land? Other infantry could shoot at the contents after
they emerge from the pod during the first fire phase? Or at the pod itself
during the first fire phase if it doesn't open or is a support pod? Someone
earlier suggested that pods land too quickly for effective fire to be used
against them so this would simulate this... Any other ideas?

Eddie (SRG)

P.s. Try not landing the pods right on top of infantry...Hit the artillery
with them that can't opp fire on them?...Or maybe wait a turn if your
opponent is expecting them? Just a thought...

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