[NetEpic ML] Re: Chaos and Drop Pods

From: Michele Heidal <gizmo_at_...>
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 19:39:47 -0000

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Subject: [NetEpic ML] Re: Chaos and Drop Pods

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>Subject: [NetEpic ML] Re: Chaos and Drop Pods
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>>Subject: [NetEpic ML] Re: Chaos and Drop Pods
>>>> AND
>>>> put them back as a FREE CARD. If you can give the Eldar the all mighty
>>>> Avatar for free ( CHEESY ) then give the SM's there drop pods for free.
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>>>> Date: Friday, April 09, 1999 1:15 AM
>>>> Subject: [NetEpic ML] Re: Chaos and Drop Pods
>>>Dont complain about Free cards.....unlike the Avatar...and the other
>>>the Eldar get for free....not everyone gets something for free....the
>>>as far as I know. Oh...this brings up a good point thougt. With the
>>>Avatar....When we play....we dont let the Avatar play if the game is
>>>points. The way we see it.....the battle isnt big enough for the avatar
>>>enough to show up.....But that is just one of our house rules.
>>>Hmmm !!!! I just pulled out my rulez book, U illy ummie, and we ork
>>get 3 FREE cards. They would be Gretchin mob of 4 stands, Madboy mob of 4
>>stands, and Freebooterz of 1 kaptin and 4 stands, that is 13 free stands
>>each company card. WOW !!! that is alot of shots to kill that many, could
>>take someone 3 turns just to get rid of the free stands. :-) !!!!
>Don't forget that you can only take one free card per clan. ANd it counts
>against the five support cards allowed. So you only get four free stands
>clan and if someone tries to tell me that four stands of Gretchin equal
>drop pods this Orkie is gonna scream!!!!
>Eddie (SRG)
>Well really you can take 2, the gretchin or mad boyz as a support, and the
freebooterz as a special. And yes they still would not equal the drop pods
but, drop pods should not cost so much, for your free guys could shoot them
to bits before I get them open killing my guys. And where is my SM free
card, we still don't have one. :-)
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