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Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 21:22:02 -0000

 I think drop pods are evil because I lost alots of tanks and troops having the pods fall on me.If you are playing a no shooters such as my present Chaos army it cold be problems.

Chaos and cards: I know chaos is tough army to beat with the cards.But their are alot of things that can kill the Daemons outright(no cards you can use).Such as Avatars , Librarians and others.Also chaos has had alot of things taken away from old rules to new rules.When I bring my chaos army to battle it is so small compared to the other armies.The enemy has to use its numbers in hand to hand to rule chaos out of cards.
Question can greater daemons enter buildings?
When bloodletters lose in hand to hand combat do they still get to regenerate?
Also when pink horrors get killed in hand to hand combat do they duplicate?

Death strike missle are the bane of Chaos.I think you should have a chance to shoot them down with other stuff.People hide them and let the missles go and takes a act of god to shoot them down.I think the cost should be "more" for warp missles.They are definately under cost.
Question say a tyranid dominatrix hit by a warp missle does it lose all its wounds and also if it takes the wounds can it regenerate?

I like the rule we came up for free cards they are worth double victory points.

Later all

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