[NetEpic ML] Re: Walking down memory lane.

From: Daniel Wiebell <dwiebell_at_...>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 17:39:46 PDT


One of my luckiest moments (not games) was when my sm/ig opponents
marauders screamed across the board to blow the crap out of my squad
of falcons carrying exarchs (this is under the old aircraft rules so
they stayed on the table and flew around like normal units). The three
marauders ended their moves just in front of some scouts I had sitting
there to slow his ig advance. I thought myself lucky when his planes
did not kill my falcons, which managed two saves vs a battlecannon and
two lascannons. But the best part was when my scouts fired at the

Under the old rules anything firing at aircraft got a -1 to hit to
account for speed. That proved to not matter at all when I rolled four
6's! Then his planes went and got four 1's for their saves!

I'd hate to think about those odds.

>As an ol foggie playing epic for years i got together the other day
with an old
>friend and we remembered some of the the great games we had and how
if you play
>long enough you see incredible feats of luck... and worse....
>The best game with me on the victorious side was a 6000 IG versus Ork
game. As
>usual I used rough riders and bikers to secure objectives. I fired my
>battery with a single warp missile in it. Having no better targets I
headed toward
>its boss gargant. It didn't scatter and hit the ammo, I rolled
maximum amount or
>fires adn when I rolled on the fire table I again rolled the maximum
amount (up to
>this point two 6's in a row). When it blew up I rolled the radius on
2d6's and sure
>enough double six appeared and the nearby goff clan (his largest) was
>In the end phase of the first turn the score was 55 to 7. The IG won
without moving
>much of the army. Talk about luck!
>My worst game, this time on the recieving end was Orks versus eldar.
It finished 72
>to 25. As you would expect I remember no "intersting" part of that
game. I guess
>bad memories do fade quickly <grin>
>Tell us about your worst best game or the luckiest/unluckiest
die-rolling you ever
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