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From: kevin ludwig <sj_khorne_at_...>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 12:44:35 -0700 (PDT)

Great ideas . Also if you can , could you put out a add-on book for
netepic 3 so we dont have to print out another rulebook ? Also another
name would be great (not to be the black sheep ; but netepic is kinda
lame .Another name would be more .... professional ) . Also pictures
and more examples really help (excpecialy examples ; therefore if you
dont have any idea what a rule said you just read the example to get a
general idea ) , and i would love to contrbute pictures of my minitures
for it , my friend has a digital camera .
Let me know .

--- Tzeentch <tzeentch666_at_...> wrote:
> Some idle thoughts here:
> 1. I believe we should drop the assumption that
> NetEpic players would have
> experience with the other games in the Epic line.
> I'm getting too many
> emails asking how to base their units to assume they
> have played Space
> Marine or Epic 40,000. To this end 4.0 should (and
> will) have a section with
> basing instructions, components they will need, and
> information of that
> sort. I'm also going to try and throw a bone to
> players of all the editions
> by suggesting E40K style basing for personalities
> and command units and the
> old square bases for line troops. Some suggestions
> on making your own bases
> for infantry would also be worthwhile since for some
> people they will be in
> very short supply.
> 2. Rules organization. Overall the NetEpic rules are
> pretty well organized
> (simply put its not a complex game) but better
> organization of the special
> rules (especially moving the Flyer rules to their
> own section) should reduce
> the clutter. And of course we have the extensive Q&A
> and errata that has
> recently been generated on the list (yes,
> Deathstrikes will be fixed in
> 4.0). Race/force specific information will be moved
> to guess what, the
> individual army books. A compilation of as many
> special rules as possible
> into the main rules will be a big project but I
> think special rules are here
> to stay in NetEpic (nature of the beast).
> 3. Less units. There are way to many different units
> in NetEpic. Not
> necessarily a bad thing but it has been taken to
> something of an extreme.
> Moving a lot of the fringe units to the optional
> rules booklet and combining
> others seems like a good way of cutting down on what
> many see as a drawback
> of NetEpic. Combining weapons stats and making them
> more in line with each
> other is another obvious move (ie standardizing
> vehicle bolters). Again, not
> to the extreme of E40Ks "Death Rays" and "Big
> Shootas" but you get the idea.
> Rulebook Organization
> I've dropped the idea of numbered rules since it's
> frankly not worth the
> effort (believe me!) and it looks way too cluttered.
> I'm going to take a
> page from GW and generally use their standard
> organization.
> Ken
> Oh yeah, and welcome to the 21st century. Hope you
> like your stay.
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