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Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 17:10:06 +0000


I would really appreciate any picture along these lines, diagramatic or
otherwise to illustrate certain concept. As the old adage says "a picture
speaks a thousand words" applies here.

Hmm.. I find very stimulating the conversation on version 4.0. I have seen
all the comments and like the following:

1. Definately streamline, standarize range on some weapons like bolters,
clear definitions on unit types.

2. Siege rules and pehaps ALL extra new units should appear in a separate
book, they would still be available but not clutter the main book. I really
don't like omitting any units, one persons cheese is another persons fun
unit, variety is good, let people decide what they want. I think its simple
to go list by list and vote on whats core and whats not, the non-core being
placed in their own book.

3. Rules modifications: It seems most agree that certain rules should be
more than "optional", those are Johan's flyer rules, flyer phase after
movement, -1 to hit for shots over half the maximum range of the weapon
(considered long range), open sheaf artillery. There are perhaps others.

4. Reevaluate ALL point values with a strict formula that makes sense (for
which we'll depend on Birol for one, hint, hint..). There are many point
values that just plain stink and need to be changed.

One important reminder, the epic system can only take so much, there are
some important concepts in warfare that although interesting are very
difficult to accomodate without a major overhaul in the rules. Such thing as
hard/soft armor or an elaborate morale scheme can be difficult to fit. If
these things are desired some simple add-ons are possible and I'll post them
if there is interest.

Once mid-may rolls around all my free time will be dumped into a modified
hybrid system that will try to bring many good points of all the available
systems like: DSII, Epic40k, AT, SM/TL and even concepts from 40k and
warzone. For the curious heres a brief outline:

Turn sequence

Movement (alternating)
    Movement of units

Flyer phase

Artillery phase
    Artillery fire, counter fire, etc.

Ground combat phase
    First Fire
    Close assault
    Advance fire

End phase

The system is D10 based for greater flexibility. All units have armor saves,
even infantry, abeit low ones. Anti-infantry weapons work better versus such
targets and poorly against vehicles

Weapons have an "optimum" range and a long range with a penalty to hit.
Certain vehicles are labeled "fast attack" like bikes and such, and while
their armor saves are still low they are harder to hit.

Terrain restrictions are as per movement type (track, wheeled, grav)

Morale is very important, it will determine unit coherency distance and
morale value. Units with good morale can be farther apart from one another
and perform certain tasks that require a check more often than lower morale
troops. Morale IS present during the whole battle.

Leaders have a grade attached to them that determines how good they are at
leading troop (morale bonuses) and may try to motivate troops to special

Command distance from HQ units is important and will effect units out of it
badly. Command distance is dependant on the overall armies tech level.

Psychics are limited and local in effect and I'm entertaining a simple card
based structure to it.

These are the basics, once it gets a more tangible form I'll post it for

kevin ludwig wrote:

> Great ideas . Also if you can , could you put out a add-on book for
> netepic 3 so we dont have to print out another rulebook ? Also another
> name would be great (not to be the black sheep ; but netepic is kinda
> lame .Another name would be more .... professional ) . Also pictures
> and more examples really help (excpecialy examples ; therefore if you
> dont have any idea what a rule said you just read the example to get a
> general idea ) , and i would love to contrbute pictures of my minitures
> for it , my friend has a digital camera .
> Let me know .

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