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From: Simon Dodds <sdodds_at_...>
Date: Sat, 05 Jun 1999 14:14:10 +1000

Hello all,

I just got sent this question, it seems we have forgotten to mention the
Command Head in our rules. If we come up with an answer could the please
let Bastiaan know, and also let me know so it can be put in the next Incoming!

Rest assured, Incoming #3 will be out in the coming week.


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>Subject: titan heads
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>I liked your titan weapon summary and was espicially pleased to find the
>rules for the custodian head. Great!
>Have you any idea what effect a command head has? they're really cool
>looking and I'm going to use one but I haven't seen it mentioned
>Thanks and bye,

Simon Dodds
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