[NetEpic ML] Webpage Update (Finally!)

From: Tzeentch <tzeentch666_at_...>
Date: Sun, 4 Jul 1999 12:54:38 -0700

Finally got around to updating my webpage. I added quite a bit of stuff,
including uploading the Heresy rules and creating a section for it (sorry,
no PDF right now..)

I also uploaded the playtest rules for another game I'm involved with called
Ascendancy. It's a space combat game that you might like if you have ever
played Star Fleet Battles (no its not as complex).

I modified the XoomWeb page so that the Adeptus Titanicus page is better
organized (and not so long!). I finally removed that NetEpic link on there
that does not exist (I moved that page back to my core page a while ago).

I uploaded some more Tolkien wargame stuff but not all of it has links yet
(I'm seeing if I can HTMLize it decently).

More links of course (no big whoop). Some more pics of me are going up soon
too (yay).

You'll all be happy to know I've started work again on Codex Titanicus (the
last one to go) and then I'll start up again on the play aids and stuff.

I need to get a PDF writer again since I'm not running NT anymore (though I
may reinstall it since I'm downloading Maya 2.0! :) Once I get that the
remaining Word97 holdouts will get converted to the New Order.

I may reupload some other stuff I have laying around like a revised
Legionnaire set of rules (my little house system that kinda got rolled up in
Heresy). I'll also do an update for the GW Gateway.



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