[NetEpic ML] Hersey Rules

From: kevin ludwig <sj_khorne_at_...>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 07:58:36 -0700 (PDT)

After taking a break from Epic for awhile and playing
some historical wargames , im back . For some reason I
just really feel like playing Epic . Anyway I was
playing a game the other night and i was think to
myself , "Troops in this game dont really act like
REAL troops would ." . I was thinking then how i could
change it . Inspired by historical games i came up
with this sketch -

Before the game have a map of the table . You then
deploy units on the paper and throught a series of
lines you place orders (i.e you draw a dash and a line
from the dash to were that unit will move - the dash
indicates assult orders)

If during the game you want to change orders you have
to pass sometime of LD test . This represents if the
troops hear the leader and if the oders get there .
Also depending on how much fire the detachment is
taking will also effect their ability to recieve
orders . If they Dont recieve orders they will
continue with the orders that were placed the turn
before (i.e. they will continue to follow the arrow
that you drew the turn before and fire at the unit
that you circled , even though they are now not the
closet unit .

Also i would like to add rules for the difference
between detachment leaders , divisonal leaders , army
leaders , and dominate leaders . If you are intrested
please reply and you could help me develop these rules
, and help make a game of true tactical command .
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