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From: Saari Jyrki (NMP) <"Saari>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 08:27:51 +0300

> Before the game have a map of the table . You then
> deploy units on the paper and throught a series of
> lines you place orders (i.e you draw a dash and a line
> from the dash to were that unit will move - the dash
> indicates assult orders)
I have seen this kind of system. It is in the Gamers tactical game series. I
have one of that series (Omaha)
but since it is quite large game I have not so far found enough time to play
a game.

> If during the game you want to change orders you have
> to pass sometime of LD test . This represents if the
> troops hear the leader and if the oders get there .
> Also depending on how much fire the detachment is
> taking will also effect their ability to recieve
> orders . If they Dont recieve orders they will
> continue with the orders that were placed the turn
> before (i.e. they will continue to follow the arrow
> that you drew the turn before and fire at the unit
> that you circled , even though they are now not the
> closet unit .

The troops should still be allowed to sit still and fire if the situation
demands...there IS some initiative even in the military...:)

> Also i would like to add rules for the difference
> between detachment leaders , divisonal leaders , army
> leaders , and dominate leaders . If you are intrested
> please reply and you could help me develop these rules
> , and help make a game of true tactical command .
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