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I'm glad to see people are putting the effort into Epic that it deserves to
make it the outstanding game it could be, but no matter what, we're going to
have to put up with some fantasy / unrealistic-ness. After all, look at the
subject matter. Can a laser cannon punch through 10 cm of plastasteel?

As to the suggestions for game changes.

I'm not sure I like the idea of shooting at the same time. Yes it would
make for better realism, but if you do that then everything should be done
as simultaneous. This would include moves, assaults and fire fights. My
fear is that the extra administration would take away from the game. I
sight as an example the old game Starfire . In this game many of the
"realities" of battle were abstracted so instead of just a few star ships
you could run fleets of war ships instead of the half dozen or so you find
in other games and even computers. I once played a game with over 100 ships
(about 60 - 70 per side) with few problems. Ship for ship the game was
unrealistic but the result of a LARGE FLEET battle was very realistic. Epic
is the same kind of game. BIG Battles need some abstraction so you can
concentrate on the "big" picture.

My vote is to leave this one alone. After all, it all works out in the end.

As to 5 wounds. How many would a Land Raider have? How would you handle
keeping track of this kind of damage? I'm afraid I see the same issues
listed above. However, this brings an interesting thought to mind. What if
the units actually did represent individuals rather then units? You would
have to fight with fewer units but then you could play a game like Warhammer
40,000 without the expense and space of the larger scale. I mean, would it
be possible to use the rules of WH40K but the miniatures of Epic?

I saw one rule that looked good along the lines of adding realism to the
Epic game. The idea was to plan out your battle plan before the game. The
idea was that until you got the units to acknowledge an order change, they
would continue the attack as planned. This could make for a VERY
interesting game(s) as well as add realism without extra administration.

Keep the faith,

Noel Fox
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                I also think that EPIC is a little unrealistic, so I thought
up this to make
                it better.

                in the shooting phase, have one player shoot first like
normal, but don't
                remove the casulities until both players have shot. this
represents shooting
                happening at the same time where units get to shoot back
before they die.

                also, units could have 5 wounds. each time a unit takes a
                characteristics that represent mass actions (firepower and
the like) are
                diminished by 1/5.

                i hope this might work; i have not tried it yet.

                foreward any improvements.


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