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From: kevin ludwig <sj_khorne_at_...>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 10:03:07 -0700 (PDT)

> As to 5 wounds. How many would a Land Raider have?
> How would you handle
> keeping track of this kind of damage? I'm afraid I
> see the same issues
> listed above. However, this brings an interesting
> thought to mind. What if
> the units actually did represent individuals rather
> then units? You would
> have to fight with fewer units but then you could
> play a game like Warhammer
> 40,000 without the expense and space of the larger
> scale. I mean, would it
> be possible to use the rules of WH40K but the
> miniatures of Epic?


Ive accualy tried that . I requires you to take all
the men off of the epic bases and basing them on
little cardboard bases . It works really well , just
change from inches to cm ; it seems to work for me . I
got the idea after seeing some people at gamesday
outside playing on top of their 40k box with a grass
mat , craters , buildings and hills . It looks and
plays really good .

> I saw one rule that looked good along the lines of
> adding realism to the
> Epic game. The idea was to plan out your battle
> plan before the game. The
> idea was that until you got the units to acknowledge
> an order change, they
> would continue the attack as planned. This could
> make for a VERY
> interesting game(s) as well as add realism without
> extra administration.

yea that was my idea . I probly will right the rules
up in word format as an add-on to hersey and netepic .
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