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I like this idea more then most for a change to Epic. It could be done
without effecting the pace or scale of the game while adding to the realism.

Mostly this comes down to what you think the state of communications will be
like 38,000 years from now and how the different races will be controlled.
Would Eldar have mind links or better communications gear? Orcs just charge
around a lot or follow a banner? Chaos has divine support? What about
communications between Space Marines and Imperial Guards, are they on the
same 'frequency'?

Also, as change orders go out, is jamming a possibility or is just assumed
whenever orders "don't get through"? If realism is the goal, then a "fog of
war" should also be added to any orders rule since the sequence of battle
would be: Plan, order change attempt (pass/fail) check if order was a good
one based on actual fact. I know that's hard to follow but try this.

Unit moves forward based on a planed route. Spots unit on guard over on
another hill not in their path. They radio back (did commander get it?)
commander gives order to attack. If the unit gets it, they move to attack
only to find that the unit in question was a scouting force for a larger
unit behind the hill. If they don't get it could the commander of the unit
take it upon himself to attack? If not, he continues per the plan leaving
the unit on the hill alone.

Following the same scenario, the unit moves on and runs into moderate
resistance. Radioing back to HQ does it press on? Does the HQ commander
understand how light or heavy the resistance "really" is? Even if it gets
orders to the unit the orders could be bad ones forcing the unit into a
battle with impossible odds or holding back when it could easily crush a
small resisting force.

Well, good luck all. I'd love to see what comes out of this in actual play.

Noel Fox
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                After taking a break from Epic for awhile and playing
                some historical wargames , im back . For some reason I
                just really feel like playing Epic . Anyway I was
                playing a game the other night and i was think to
                myself , "Troops in this game dont really act like
                REAL troops would ." . I was thinking then how i could
                change it . Inspired by historical games i came up
                with this sketch -

                Before the game have a map of the table . You then
                deploy units on the paper and throught a series of
                lines you place orders (i.e you draw a dash and a line
                from the dash to were that unit will move - the dash
                indicates assult orders)

                If during the game you want to change orders you have
                to pass sometime of LD test . This represents if the
                troops hear the leader and if the oders get there .
                Also depending on how much fire the detachment is
                taking will also effect their ability to recieve
                orders . If they Dont recieve orders they will
                continue with the orders that were placed the turn
                before (i.e. they will continue to follow the arrow
                that you drew the turn before and fire at the unit
                that you circled , even though they are now not the
                closet unit .

                Also i would like to add rules for the difference
                between detachment leaders , divisonal leaders , army
                leaders , and dominate leaders . If you are intrested
                please reply and you could help me develop these rules
                , and help make a game of true tactical command .
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