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Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 00:51:21 PDT

You wrote :

>Is hersey rules going to take place in the time of the
>horus hersey ? I just trade for alot of space marine
>stuff and he sent me the first addition space marine
>box . I like the idea of the horus hersey and how the
>battles take place during that time .It really give a
>great atmostsphere to play in , were tension runs thin
>.. I also like the idea that the minitures are able to
>be used on both teams . Question thought . What side
>was eldar on ?

Well, I've just read this sentence in the last french edition of White Dwarf
(the translation is not quite good but will give you the answer) :

'Don't be wrong, human, we fight against Horus not for your emperor'.

Eldars are always fighting Chaos but you can imagine some battles where they
'betrayed' loyal troops to protect their own interests.

Francois Bruntz


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