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>Is hersey rules going to take place in the time of the
>horus hersey ? I just trade for alot of space marine
>stuff and he sent me the first addition space marine
>box . I like the idea of the horus hersey and how the
>battles take place during that time .It really give a
>great atmostsphere to play in , were tension runs thin
>. I also like the idea that the minitures are able to
>be used on both teams .

I believe that under the current rules, Heresy is designed to be used as an
optional rules set for people who liked to play SM/TL Epic and Epic40K.
I'm sure it would take little effort to come up with Space Marine lists for
use in the Horus Heresy. We could either write ew lists to that effect, or
simply restrict some of the tech your opponent can take (no Razorbacks for
example) to represent the slightly worse tech of the time.

>Question thought . What side
>was eldar on ? My friend is starting to collect eldar
>and he would be kinda pissed if i said 'sorry eldar
>sat on their asses during this period .'

The Eldar ALWAYS "sit on their asses"! The Eldar never take sides in the
grand scheme of things. There are times they fight with Imperium, Squats
and even Orks against a common foe like Chaos and the Tyranids but they
have fought their one-time allies just as fiercely. It is most likely they
would have battled against the Traitor forces of Horus as they were the
ones touched by Chaos. On the other hand, they would be just as likely to
have fought the Loyalists who got in their way, were invading Eldar
territoris or they simply mistook for Traitors. The Eldar are very aloof
and very isolationist. They are just like most of the races of the 41st
Imperium: they care only about themselves.


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