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>I also think that EPIC is a little unrealistic, so I thought up this to
>it better.
>in the shooting phase, have one player shoot first like normal, but don't
>remove the casulities until both players have shot. this represents
>happening at the same time where units get to shoot back before they die.
>also, units could have 5 wounds. each time a unit takes a wound,
>characteristics that represent mass actions (firepower and the like) are
>diminished by 1/5.
>i hope this might work; i have not tried it yet.
>foreward any improvements.
>>Your idea about units not being removed is known as retrun fire. I've used
it in other rules and although it has benefits it can get a little
complicated. For example what do you do to simulate surprise where units
would get annihilated without firng a shot. People get pretty argumentative
about this.
Having played a very complex set of WW2 rules where this comes in I actually
admire the simplicity of Epic.
Still there's always room for improvement.

Hope this is food for thought.
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