[NetEpic ML] Mega Gargants as Clan cards

From: <psorah_at_...>
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 21:25:50 -0700

My question is one that the person I used to play with and I struggled
with for a little while, and came up with a reasnable decision on, but
I would like others feedback. In TL and NetEpic for that matter, it
references a Mega Gargant as a clan. If this is true, can you then
field one special and 5 support cards? If this is true, would it not
be possible to then augment the randomly drawn force you get with the
mega gargant with hand picked Nobz, boyz and gretchen that you have
bought as support cards? I feel that this is legal, all except the
gretchen being used as riggers. This is were NetEpics Special card of
a MekBoy and riggers would come into play. Now (I know this logic
thread is very convoluted) assuming all assumptions above are correct,
wouldnt you get a MekBoy for every third rigger you draw when outfiting
the gargant (the first drawn would be the mekboy, and the next two
gretchen, etc). Just some random thoughts.
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