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Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 07:56:42 +1000

At 09:25 PM 8/28/99 -0700, you wrote:
>My question is one that the person I used to play with and I struggled
>with for a little while, and came up with a reasnable decision on, but
>I would like others feedback. In TL and NetEpic for that matter, it
>references a Mega Gargant as a clan. If this is true, can you then
>field one special and 5 support cards?

This is true. The Mega-Gargant counts as a Clan. To break the clan, you
need to trash the Gargant. You have your Mega-Gargant belong to a certain
clan and then the support and Specials you can take are based on its Clan.

>If this is true, would it not
>be possible to then augment the randomly drawn force you get with the
>mega gargant with hand picked Nobz, boyz and gretchen that you have
>bought as support cards? I feel that this is legal, all except the
>gretchen being used as riggers.

Technically, yes you could do that, but as far as myself and my fellow
players are concerned, the support-bought Nobs/Boys/Grots would NOT be able
to perform the duties that the ones supplied by the Gargant do. The
reasoning? The supplied crew are, for want of a better term, the "trained"
crew of the Gargant while the others are not. So if you were playing in
our neck of the woods, you could certainly crew the Gargant with extras,
but they would not be able to put out fires or make repairs. Sure they
could fire the guns and fight close assaults, but that's all.

>This is were NetEpics Special card of
>a MekBoy and riggers would come into play. Now (I know this logic
>thread is very convoluted) assuming all assumptions above are correct,
>wouldnt you get a MekBoy for every third rigger you draw when outfiting
>the gargant (the first drawn would be the mekboy, and the next two
>gretchen, etc). Just some random thoughts.

No. No, no, no. The Kaptain that each Mega gets includes all the bridge
Krew, one of whom is the Boss Mekboy. He's the one who built the Gargant
and so gets to boss all the riggers and boiler boys around. The Grots who
come with the Mekboy Special kard are that Mekboy'z "persunal assistants".
The Boss Mekboy on the Mega has all his "persunal assistants" bossing other
Grots around. If you and your friend would like to play that as a house
rule, fine. Just don't expect other Epic players (like myself, and I AM an
avid Ork player) to play the same way.


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