[NetEpic ML] Re: Mega Gargants as Clan cards

From: SHAUN WILLIAMS <shaunwill_at_...>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 09:28:27 0000

On Mon, 30 Aug 1999 07:56:42   Kelvin wrote:
>At 09:25 PM 8/28/99 -0700, you wrote:
>>My question is one that the person I used to play with and I struggled
>>with for a little while, and came up with a reasnable decision on, but
>>I would like others feedback.  In TL and NetEpic for that matter, it
>>references a Mega Gargant as a clan.  If this is true, can you then
>>field one special and 5 support cards?
>This is true.  The Mega-Gargant counts as a Clan.  To break the clan, you
>need to trash the Gargant.  You have your Mega-Gargant belong to a certain
>clan and then the support and Specials you can take are based on its Clan.
>>If this is true,  would it not
>>be possible to then augment the randomly drawn force you get with the
>>mega gargant with hand picked Nobz, boyz and gretchen that you have
>>bought as support cards?  I feel that this is legal, all except the
>>gretchen being used as riggers.
>Technically, yes you could do that, but as far as myself and my fellow
>players are concerned, the support-bought Nobs/Boys/Grots would NOT be able
>to perform the duties that the ones supplied by the Gargant do.  The
>reasoning?  The supplied crew are, for want of a better term, the "trained"
>crew of the Gargant while the others are not.  So if you were playing in
>our neck of the woods, you could certainly crew the Gargant with extras,
>but they would not be able to put out fires or make repairs.  Sure they
>could fire the guns and fight close assaults, but that's all.
>>This is were NetEpics Special card of
>>a MekBoy and riggers would come into play.  Now (I know this logic
>>thread is very convoluted) assuming all assumptions above are correct,
>>wouldnt you get a MekBoy for every third rigger you draw when outfiting
>>the gargant (the first drawn would be the mekboy, and the next two
>>gretchen, etc).  Just some random thoughts.
>No.  No, no, no.  The Kaptain that each Mega gets includes all the bridge
>Krew, one of whom is the Boss Mekboy.  He's the one who built the Gargant
>and so gets to boss all the riggers and boiler boys around.  The Grots who
>come with the Mekboy Special kard are that Mekboy'z "persunal assistants".
>The Boss Mekboy on the Mega has all his "persunal assistants" bossing other
>Grots around.  If you and your friend would like to play that as a house
>rule, fine.  Just don't expect other Epic players (like myself, and I AM an
>avid Ork player) to play the same way.
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