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tonyclic-_at_... wrote: Well, first, to get the other army
cards, select the 'form' tab at the bottom. When that sheet (or page if
you like) comes up, you'll notice near the top and a little to the
left, there will be a drop down box with a list of all the armies
available in that particular spread sheet. Highlight an army, such as
Tech-Guard or whatever you are looking for. When you move the cursor
from the list, that choice should be the one showing in that box above
the block of numbers (1 thru 8). Now, move your cusor straight down and
select the 'cards' tab. The army cards for your force should now be
   Next, to print them, you have two choices. The simplest is to move
your cursor up the the printer icon at the top left hand of the command
bar, and click on it. If your printer is propely set up, it'll start to
print! The other option is to click on 'file' and go to your 'print'
option and click to open it. For sake of time and space, I'm going to
assume you know how to print something from this choice. Going, to
'file' then 'print' is useful if you want to change any of the
parameters such as hue saturation and print quality. If none of this is
important, just skip it and click on the printer icon like I mentioned
ealier. I hope this clears some things up for you!
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> Well, I give up, I'm apparently too dumb to get these printed out
> I downloaded the Excel Card Printers from the Epicentre website, and
I can
> open them, but I don't know how to use Excel. The instructions on the
> page don't make sense to me. I select an army from the pull-down menu
> click "Print Cards" but nothing happens. I can click on the tab for
> "Cards" page, and I see the cards for Space Marines. Those are
exactly what
> I want, but I can't figure how to get the cards for the other armies
> show. Someone help! Thanks a lot!
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