[NetEpic ML] Rules questions

From: Andy Michaud <amichaud_at_...>
Date: Sat, 04 Sep 1999 20:51:33 -0800

I�ve got a few questions about ambiguous rules. Any thoughts would be
greatly appreciated.

1. The Orc Great Gargant Gork head comes with a tractor kannon which it
says is capable of immobilizing and even destroying a Titan. The head
costs only 50 points. Is this correct? If so, doesn�t it seem to
unbalance the game just a bit.

2. Is it possible for a troop transport to unload troops while on first
fire? The rules specifically say that you use a proportional amount of
movement when the troops disembark, however on first fire the transport
has no movement. A house rule we came up with is that if the transport
is on first fire and does not snapfire, the troops are allowed to exit
and move up to 5cm.

3. What exactly is an elite unit? I have seen references to it all over
the rules however I never really found an explanation for it. And what
are the rules for close combating a titan with anything other than a

4. Can the Mega-gargant be pinned at the end of the round? And if it is,
is it given orders?

5. For the Tyranid army, Bio-Titans, Exocrines, Dominatrix, and
Harradins are all equipped with Bio-Cannons. The range, to hit, and save
modifier are all the same. However the bio-titan and the Exocrine have a
+1 to damage on hit locations in the unit description. The other units
say they have bio-cannons like the ones on the bio-titan however do not
have the +1 to damage in the description. Do the other units have the +1
as well?

Any ideas anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

Andy Michaud
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