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Date: Sun, 05 Sep 1999 14:24:42 +0000


Andy Michaud wrote:

> I�ve got a few questions about ambiguous rules. Any thoughts would be
> greatly appreciated.
> 1. The Orc Great Gargant Gork head comes with a tractor kannon which it
> says is capable of immobilizing and even destroying a Titan. The head
> costs only 50 points. Is this correct? If so, doesn�t it seem to
> unbalance the game just a bit.

Correct, but is isn't so easy as it sounds. First Titans get to use the best
save of any location. Usually this a 1+ save. Even with a -2 modifier it
saves on a 3+. Second after failing the save you must roll a six on the
chart. Third the range on the head is quite short and rarely in range of an
enemy titan given the gargants slow speed. While it may look like a bargain
at 50 points in my many years of playing I've never seen it destroy a titan.
As all ork weapon its a hit or miss affair, this one misses quite a bit.

> 2. Is it possible for a troop transport to unload troops while on first
> fire? The rules specifically say that you use a proportional amount of
> movement when the troops disembark, however on first fire the transport
> has no movement. A house rule we came up with is that if the transport
> is on first fire and does not snapfire, the troops are allowed to exit
> and move up to 5cm.

In Net Epic the units embarked may disembark because they can receive
different orders from the transport. As long as the passengers are not on
first fire orders they may disembark. They move their full allotment as per
orders since the transport on first fire orders did not move.

> 3. What exactly is an elite unit? I have seen references to it all over
> the rules however I never really found an explanation for it. And what
> are the rules for close combating a titan with anything other than a
> titan?

It only applies to engaging titans elites have a better chance of survival.
These rules are in the core rule section. There are rules for vehicles as
well. Onlt titans/preatorians use the standard close combat rules versus
other titans all other are at a disadvantage an use the alternate rules for
infantry or vehicles.

> 4. Can the Mega-gargant be pinned at the end of the round? And if it is,
> is it given orders?

A mega-gargant can only be pinned by titan/praetorian class units. If pinned
by these units neither gets orders until one or the other is destroyed. All
other units DO NOT pin the mega-gargant and it may receive orders normally.

> 5. For the Tyranid army, Bio-Titans, Exocrines, Dominatrix, and
> Harradins are all equipped with Bio-Cannons. The range, to hit, and save
> modifier are all the same. However the bio-titan and the Exocrine have a
> +1 to damage on hit locations in the unit description. The other units
> say they have bio-cannons like the ones on the bio-titan however do not
> have the +1 to damage in the description. Do the other units have the +1
> as well?

Good question, I'm inclined to say yes since its the dame weapon.

Hope this helps,

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