[NetEpic ML] Re: [NetEpic] I hope Birol is OK.

From: S. Birol Akmeric <BAkmeric_at_...>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 23:56:23 +0300

> Birol,
> It's so good to hear from you again, and am delighted that you and your
> family are safe. I was rather worried after you didnt write back a couple
> of weeks ago, but that was to the address that didnt work... :)

Hi Simon,

Nice to hear from you too, and thanks a lot for your concern. I hope all is
going well for you.

> Today, one of the people I work with just returned from Turkey. We were
> unable to get in touch with him until he got back - it turns out that he
> landed in Istanbul 3 hours AFTER it happened. It definitely makes you

Yep. Life is short, and sometimes shorter than you think. You learn to live
with everything though. We've got one of the 5.8 aftershocks today (no great
harm, other than some damaged buildings in Izmit, I hope no lives are lost,
haven't foloowed the news); and it didn't stop us neither from going on with
our work in the office, nor from playing our weekly volleyball match in the
evening. (The women that I dumped a week ago sent me a cell-phone just 5
minutes before the quake to tell me that she wants to meet again, tell me
about coincidences. [I haven't called her back]).

> I share Teras's hopes that this helps to bring Turkey and Greece closer
> together. My colleague here tells me that there was planned to be a
> benefit concert in Greece, but then they got hit the day before it was to
> take place

Yes, what a shame. Actually, Turks and Greeks are always in better relations
than most foreigners think, at least at the individual level. People travel
a lot between the two countries like each other's food and music and all.
The conflict is mostly between politicians, not between peoples. But yes, I
do share your opinion that this will help a lot, politicians can't go on
feeding on their prejudices while the people so wholeheartedly go and help
each other in need.

> Birol, I have added you to the egroups mailing list. This old mailing
> has been discontinued. The other mailing list is at netepic_at_egroups.com

Thanks. I've heard about that but was too busy and a little bit lazy to
apply for it.

> Welcome back!
> simon

See you around,

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