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>I am a fananatic squad-player, and I kind of have a

I assume you mean SQUAT player. ;-)

>I was playing against some orcs, who totaly beat me
>up. (Damn I hate those greenskinns)


>the orc player use all his mekboy repair cards on his
>bikes, so they were almost invincible.

Depends on the actual cards in question. Get him to show you what the
cards are when he reveals them or when the game starts, and remember that
the actual cards he gets are random! No choosing (I've had someone try to
pull that on me before and he didn't realise I was an avid Ork player and
knew them inside out. The rules also never state whether the Mekboy cards
are a secret draw or whether your opponent gets to see them, but my
opponents and I have always used the latter. I don't mind showing them
what cards I drew and where I put them).

Read the cards carefully. Many cards have strict restrictions on where
they can go. Stikkbombs for example can only go on Boys or Madboyz. NOT
bikeboyz. Same with Big Wheelz as the Bikes are half-tracks, not fully
wheeled. Spikey Bitz can be a bit of a hassle as can a Squig Fuel
Injektor, but I find it hard to make them invincible. They can bcome very
tough, but not invicible. As I said, read the cards carefully, whether he
wants you to or not. Many cards also have drawbacks to them.

>Another thing. Doeas the orcs have weak points, and
>if, what are they?

The Orks have plenty of weaknesses. The first is their short range. Most
Ork weapons have 50cm range or less. You're playing squats, so out-range
him. Fight on your terms, not his. Funnel him into fire zones and then
shoot him up when he can't shoot back.

Second: Artillery. Orks hate it and have little of their own to return
fire with. Orks HAVE to be closely packed (make SURE he is maintaining his
Ork Command Range. If you don't know what this is, read the rules on Orks)
so Artillery tears them apart. You're a squat, so use all that long-range
artillery you have.

Third: Morale. Ork morale is the worst in the game. Worse even than
Imperial Guard (most of the time). So make him take lots of morale checks.
 Break his clans. Its tough, but concentrate your fire and break his clans
as the big break points are a strength of the Orks. Once the clan breaks,
you get a BIG influx of Victory Points and force him to make a morale check
for all his remaining units. Some of them should run away.

>And what troops should I deploy to hit him where it

Basically, try and out-range him. Thunderers, Colossii, Leviathans, Mole
Mortars, Thudd Guns and Goliath Mega-Cannons are all perfect for taking out
Orks. Set your Thudd Guns, Mole Mortars and Thunderers in cover where you
are sure he'll have to go to capture objectives. When his troops funnel
into the area, blow the crap out of them. Back up these troops with some
Berserkers or Bikers so as to cover them in Close Combat and you have a
good, solid holding force. Use your Superheavies and Mega-Cannons to pound
his big formations with artillery fire. Use Bikers and Gyrocopters to
capture lightly-held or remote objectives and to attack his artillery (thre
will probably be very little of this). Watch out for Weirdboy Battletowers
and Gargants. They be tough and spell DOOM for your Superheavies.

>And how should I play these troops.

See above.

>I have been beaten by those filthy greenskins too many
>times, so I really want to fight back.

No such thing. Go da Boyz! WAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH! (Ork player here if you
haven't guessed.)

But seriously, good luck!

And does anyone want to buy some slightly used Squat vehicles and
superheavies? I've still got mine and have been having a heck of a time
finding someone to sell them to! Send me a private email if you
interested. A good selection to choose from!


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       Everyone's trying to kill me."
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