[NetEpic ML] Substitution of land raiders for Blood Ax Warboss/lord battlewagons

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Date: Fri, 01 Oct 1999 19:57:19 -0700

I've done a little thinking, and come to the conclusion that while it
was nessecary to make the cards consistent, it seems illogical to
rplace the battlewagons with the less rated rhino's, but that it seems
out of place to have such "orky" equipment in a clan that strives to be
mor militant, like da 'umies. so with a little creative math, I figure
that it should cost about 66 2/3 points for two battlewagons, and 150
points for two land raiders. Thus by eliminating the two battlewagons
you bring down the cost of a warboss to 183 1/3. Add 150 for 3 land
raiders and you have 333 1/3, rounding to 350. This makes a Warlord
cost 600. This obviously would only count for blodd ax's, and would
add coherency to the figures.

Also the same formula could be applied to add two landraiders to
substitute for the rhinos for the nobz in a normal blood ax clan.
Reduce 600 by 33 1/3, and get 566 2/3. Add 100 for two land raiders,
and get 666 2/3, rounding to 700.

Any way, more of my random ramblings. I would love to here others
thoughts on this. normaly I am a purest when it comes to most of these
things, but this I feel actually should add to the purity of play, by
making the vehicles atleast have some semblance to each other.

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