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k wilding <kwild-_at_...> wrote:
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> Also, a quick thought. Most tiants are limited in the number of turns
> they can make, but perhaps a TORSO TWIST rule, similar to Battletech,
> could be used. This way, the torso could be twisted 45 degrees left
> right, slightly impriving the effectiveness of the titans. Gargants
> presumably wouldn't get (nor need) this advantage.

I would think that the twisting effect is basically covered under fire
arcs. If you look at the arc they have it looks like you can basically
fire any direction you would be able to regardless of the direction
standing. Remember in battle tech a round was about 6 seconds, were as
in SM/TL we are talking about an hour of time. as such Titans and
gargants would have to move incredibly slowly and be very bulky.

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