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>Jim Muncy wrote:
>> > > 1. Do you have to have a Primarch to buy the company of choas space
>marines or can
>> > > you buy them and attach them to a grreater deamon?
>> >
>> > Yes. The chaos marine chapters are only fielded when the primarch is in
>Maybe I'm wrong, but I know a Chaos Marine Company Card that you can use
>buyng a Primarch, it is "Blood...something" :o) it was released in some White
>Dwarf...time ago...

They were the "Blood Reavers" Space Marines. And they were followers of
Khorne. Basically, they were the same as the World Eaters, but didn't get
the Primarch or the special power and were nasty in CC. They were in the
same WD as the Catachan Jungle Fighters IG company card (what a wank that
was!) and the Terminators-in-Thunderbolt Special card for some Marine
Chapter (I can't remember which). They were all part of a special scenario
cooked up by Gavin "I can't win a battle to save myself" Thorpe.


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