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Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 12:55:33 -0700

This reminds me...

One of my projects on put on cryonics was to make a list of all the errors
and problem rules in NetEpic so we could fix them in the next version. I
have an archive of many rules questions and errors but would have to compile
them all.

Does anyone have a list made up of NetEpic errors or things they wish would
be worded differently? If so it might make it a bit easier so we have a
consolodated list we can review and vote on. This includes spelling errors
and grammar problems, fuzzy rules wordings, wierd unit stats, or rules
interactions that cause problems (big problem in all Games Workshop games).

Also, anyone on this list know japanese?? I am attempting to translate the
Evangelion RPG from japan into English..but I don't know Japanese! :)


> Hi!
> stefano andreoni wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have some questions for the list.
> >
> > Can I include the Doomanvil Squadron (colossus HQ+ 2x cyclops) in my net
> > epic army list? This epic cards was originally from the Citadel Journal
> > be included in the army to compensate the lack in battle groups the
> > had. As net epic try to use all the past epic rules and addendas, I
> > this was overlooked by designers.
> > I spoke about this with Simon Dodds and he said me to call the list for
> > judgement.
> hehe, nope it wasn't overlooked. In the original draft of netpeic we voted
> including or not certain things from citadel journal, these were not voted
> Of course that was a long time ago and with time we let mostly everthing
> So from my point of view if you and your gaming friends are okay with it,
so am
> I.
> The answer is yes, go ahead and use them.
> Good hunting!
> Peter
> > In the core rules the cost for a Revenant eldar scout titans is 200, but
> > the eldar list is 300, what's the correct price?
> 300 points, thats for pointing out the error.
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