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From: stefano andreoni <ltremari_at_...>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 16:55:15 +0100


I have some new question for the list:

1) mole/termite/hellbore:
- what's the underground movement rate for them? 15 cm.?
And outside? 15 cm?
- When travelling underground I must show their path to my opponent or
I can hide their path on a peper reproducing the map?
- When underground can be fired by enemies?
Someone can give me some tips about their tactical use, I think their are
too slow for 2/3 turn games.

2) Dig order:
The rules state that a detachment can dig trench using this order and is
considered in first fire order.
This order mean that the detachment can fire/snap fire? I think no but the
rules don't help me.

3) squats: considerations
I think that the lack of flyers penalize too much them, in particular
against flyers
 army, their AA is very good, but a cunning player can easly destroy them
close assault stands (jet bikes etc,). After their destruction he will win
the game.
Also, as squats fighter are not avaibles, the opponent will buy only
transport and non AA, and against army with 1+/2+ save flyers as the job is
too easy.
I don't understand why a tecnological race as squats don't have flyers,
every other race do. In warhammer fantasy battles dwarves (squats) are the
only race to have a flyer (gyrocopter). I can't immagine why someone that
the tecnology to fly helicopter does't have the skill to build a plane,
speaking the fixed wing planes came before rotating pale machine!


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