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>I have some new question for the list:
>1) mole/termite/hellbore:
>- what's the underground movement rate for them? 15 cm.?

They have no underground movement rate. You simply place the tunneller on
the table where you want it to emerge in whatever turn you want it to
surface. The tunneler is assumed to have been underground for some time,
moving into position for the assault. Make sure you read the rules for
surfacing tunnellers carefully though as they aren't quite as effective and
Thunderchickens or Drop Pods.

>And outside? 15 cm?

Yes. The movement rate listed for them is for their SURFACE movement rate,
which is much slower then their underground rate.

>- When travelling underground I must show their path to my opponent or
>I can hide their path on a peper reproducing the map?

No need: see above.

>- When underground can be fired by enemies?

Of course not. That's the whole idea behind them.

>Someone can give me some tips about their tactical use, I think their are
>too slow for 2/3 turn games.

Use them en-mass. They must be used in large numbers like drop pods. That
way to give the enemy are large number of them to have to shoot so some of
them will survive the surfacing. Also, don't use them in the first turn of
the game. Save them until about turn two or three, then surface them so
that the troops inside burst out about the same time you send in another
unit of surface troops so you force him to ignore one or the other or to
split fire between the two. Use surface troops to screen them and distract
enemy fire as the tunnellers are very vulnerable when they surface.

>2) Dig order:
>The rules state that a detachment can dig trench using this order and is
>considered in first fire order.
>This order mean that the detachment can fire/snap fire? I think no but the
>rules don't help me.

I'll assume you mean, "dig-in". That's fortification order isn't it?
Means you're dug into the fortifications and ready to fire on the enemy.
Acts like a First Fire order. But I don't believe you can use it in a
standard game, just in a forification assault game if you are the defender.

>3) squats: considerations
>I think that the lack of flyers penalize too much them, in particular
>against flyers
> army, their AA is very good, but a cunning player can easly destroy them
>close assault stands (jet bikes etc,). After their destruction he will win
>the game.
>Also, as squats fighter are not avaibles, the opponent will buy only
>transport and non AA, and against army with 1+/2+ save flyers as the job is
>too easy.
>I don't understand why a tecnological race as squats don't have flyers,
>every other race do. In warhammer fantasy battles dwarves (squats) are the
>only race to have a flyer (gyrocopter). I can't immagine why someone that
>the tecnology to fly helicopter does't have the skill to build a plane,
>speaking the fixed wing planes came before rotating pale machine!

On the previous Netepic list and discussion group (may they rest in peace)
there was talk about giving the Squats (and the 'Nids) a thruster flyer. I
can't remember the outcome of that. And as to the AA, sure your
Thunderfire cannons are vulernable to ground-based close assaults, but then
your Overlord Airships can act as AA as well (IIRC). They are invulnerable
to CC if you keep them at high level (and anyone who drops them down to low
level is a fool IMHO).

And you should always screen your artillery with cheap troops (like
warriors) to take on the enemy in CC. That way they last longer and if
your opponent refuses to use their flyers on the table cause they're scared
of your AA, then its doing its job really well and they have wasted their
points on it! The Squats may or may not get a thruster flyer (when you
consider the worlds they live on, they aren't all that feasable without
massive amounts of anti-grav gear), but in the meantime use your AA to your
advantage and protect it or make your own house rules for a Squat thuster
flyer and tell us how they go!


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