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> Hi, I'm new to warhammer epic 40k and know nothing about it except
that it's like 40k but smaller. My GW "primary" armies are an Orc &
Goblin WFRP horde, a 40k Ork horde and a soon to be Orc & Goblin Blood
Bowl team, and a soon to be Orc & Goblin Mordheim Army (should be
released soon). I need some tips to start a an Epic Ork army so If
anyone could help me.
Hi angus,
 I'm new to netepic, but I played 2nd edition since it came out. My
favorite army being the orks. Any advice will come from 2nd edition.
The first thing you need to know is that the entire orc army revolves
around the clans. All clans except Cult of Speed are composed of boyz.
Of the clans my favorites are Bad Moons (good shooty weapons), Goffs
(Good close combat and tanks), SnakeBites (feral orcs in space), and
Death Skulls (who can use anyones equipment). Find 2 of these clans and
start there. Add tanks and a great Gargant as needed. If you want more
in depth just let me know.
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