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Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 08:07:48 +1000

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>> A: ork nobz and leaders are WAY overpowered.....they should have
>> considerably less powerfull weapons
>I need to get you the updated lists, a lot has changed. The nobz are still
>poweerful but you get only one the escort is noy orc boyz.

I don't think they are WAY overpowered. Remeber that Ork Nobs are pretty
limited in how many you have and what they can do (they've STILL got to
command Boyz IIRC).

>> B: malfunctions are fun and orky but take too much time.
>> Sad but true
>I was afraid of that. I wait until I get some testing in it to see if it stays
>or goes. I will probably simplify it further.

I posted this the old list a while ago, but don't know if Peter got to see
it, so I'm posting it here for all to see:

One problem I have with the Ork rules though. I'm not keen on the Mekboy
Tweaking & Malfunction rules. EVERYTIME an Ork model rolls an unmodified 1
or 10, you've then got to roll an extra dice to see what happens! Now THAT
Will slow down the rate of play terribly when there are Orks on the field
and considering the numbers they normally appear in. I have an option for you:

Make it like the old Mekboy Kards system. For every Mekboy unit on the
battle field, the Ork player may make choose one (or maybe two) units (or
squads or detachments or however you break it up) to make a roll for it on
the Mekboy table. These are all good mods like your "10" result table.
However, anytime a model or stand in the modified unit rolls an unmodified
1 or 2 something goes horribly wrong, so they roll on a table like your "1"
result table. This way, the game doesn't get bogged down in endless
rolling, Mekboy units become very special once more and the effects of the
Mekboy Tweaking are unique and specialised, not affecting everything in the
Ork force.

Sound O.K. to you (Peter) and everyone else on the list?


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