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Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 10:20:34 -0800

Special Abilities
  Good, simple and not unbalancing.

Black Rage
  Perhaps say they will move towards the enemy at Assault rate and not just
closest unit? Otherwise questions on what constitutes closest could come
into play: "They're behind the building but they are closest so you have to
move towards them." As long as they are moving towards the enemy it should
be cool.

  Ooh, never really registered that they were Line units. They should be
support yeah. BTW Dreads are actually worth getting I think - they make
GREAT support units in a close combat enviroment since they are so hard to
take out.

Assault Terminators
  Like em a lot. Should be a core unit for the Marines in fact, especially
with the keen Teleportation rules...

  Mmmh, dunno about the +1 Assault. Does this match anything in 40K2 or
40K3? And can scouts join the Death Company? Seems kinda cheesy since its a
"free" upgrade.

  I hate percentages in a miniature game. Just limit the number they can
have. Like only one unit er 1000 points or something.

Death Company
  Err they get bonuses? I'd give them a normal statline that replaces
whatever they were before. Something like Assault Marines with a 8 Assault
and Frenzied Assault but no jump packs. Give them an option to purchase Jump
Packs (by detachment) for X points. Chaplains leading jump pack Death
Company Marines get a jump pack free.

Overall love it!


Uhh oh my favorite army...let's see here...

Ugh, see you based this on 40K3 :)~


  Mutated should have good and bad points, though I'm not familiar with how
40K3 handles Chaos so it may be ok according to those rules.
  Perhaps Insane units have a chance of not doing anything at all other then
stare at the pretty colors?
  Do antipsykers in vehicles have the same effect on psykers? They could be
a real problem in a chaos army since Daemons should also be psykers. I can
also see loading Noise Marines or gifted units into vehicles and doing
"drive bys" on enemy psyker units :)

Dedicating Commanders
  Like it!

  Man the Warmaster could kick some booty in assault :) Shouldn't the daemon
weapon cause fear or something?? And you can throw it?

Noise Marines
  Yikes. Those sonic blasters are no joke!

Overall I love it!! It's not "my" chaos since I'll be making a list based on
the old Realms of Chaos books but for 40K3 it rocks! Two thumbs up, don't
see any problems with anthing other then where do Renegade Flamer troops
come into play??

  Intractable seems like a good special rule as long as people read the
description all the way through. I looked at it and went "WTF?" then read it
again and noted the conditions...
  Interrogation..uhm..so you could engage a mob of gretchin and one of them
could provide info about the Fallen Angels AND give you 5 VPs? And you could
do this as much as you wanted?? I thought in the 40K3 codex for them only
some units had interrogation abilities...

  Shouldn't this be Hatred(specific enemy)? IE Monks should have

 <sputter, cough!!> Uhmmm. Ok so I have a Chaplain in a group that engages
20 Gretchin stands and we wipe them out. I just got 100 VPs!!!! Better tone
that down or limit the number of "Interrogations" you can perform or this is

Other then that looks nice. Only problem I have with these mini codexes as
that their advantages are so high it kinda leaves plain old generic Marines
in the cold... but as long as specific Chapters have balancing abilities and
costs it's cool. And as long as the points formula allows the same type of
customizing..to an extent...

Not sure about "buying" initiative bonuses but I don't see a huge problem
with it. Maybe make it a bit more points. But it is a very "special" rule
and I'd like to not have any if possible in Heresy to keep it from turning
into Epic or NetEpic.

Tactical Squads: Huh? Why not just make a standard "tactical" detachment 2
Tactical Stands and 2 Devastator? Or give all IF tactical stands the
all-purpose ability.

Devastators: Does their Codex equipment actually differ enough to make them
different from standard Devastators? Seems like a needless special rule that
everyone else will wonder why "their" devastators can't do the same.

Rhinos: ?? Why the +1 assault??

Drop Pods: AIEE!! Better playtest this one!! I could see this breaking some
games on turn 1 or 2.

Predator: Call it a Predator Mk I or something so people have an obvious
reference. Like it though. Make sure you note whether or not they can use
the newer model Preds (Assume no?).

Seems ok, but too many special rules that don't seem to add much. And one of
the points of Heresy was to reduce the number of special rules. Could you
make "Skills and abilities" that take into account some of your special
rules to make them more generic??

Heightened Senses: Wow, that makes recon units spot hidden units at
50cm...makes hidden units pretty lame against Space Puppies...but I can see

Tactical Squad: Don't SW's have less ranged weapons? Enough to make them
25cm range or whatnot?
Scouts: Does not seem like enough to give them a special rule.

Looks good otherwise! Lot less special rules and exceptions then the
SM/NetEpic list.

Scout-Snipers: Should have the Stealth ability as well.

Scout-Commandoes: Don't like these though. Can't see them being very useful
or filling a role that Assault troops don't do better.

Retributors- AIEE! These guys could be vicious. You get too many of them per
unit though. I say 2 stands with 2 Rhinos (they like the legroom).

Veterans- I would like see these be standard support troops.

Blood Angel Veterans- Not needed I would think.

Catachan Jungle Fighters- What does the jungle fighter ability do?

Mercenary humans- Bolters are a bit much. Give them lasguns.

Eldar Renegades- These should be a separate codex I think.

Legion of the Damned- Do they require leaders or what? Or are they always
out of command?

Hit and Run
  Like the ability!

Rapid engagement. Uhm. Not needed I think. 10cm is not worthy of a special

Scouts: AIEE. 20cm? Aren't all scouts trained in generally the same way? I
can see enhanced recon since the tacsquads also get it but not the 20cm
infiltrate bonus.

Dreads and Land Raiders: Is this backed up in 40K?

Vindicator: Again, no percentages if possible. Maybe 1 unit per 1000 points
and no artillery commanders etc etc.

Looks good!

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