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Date: Mon, 01 Nov 1999 09:02:38 +1100

>> I would prefer if the ork weapons had more orky names. I have made a list of
>> interesitng orky weapon names for you to use and abuse. Of course it might
>> just cause too much confusion but at least consider it. I have always hated
>> the idea of orks using imperial bolters.
>Cool beans! I will use them.


One my biggest pet gripes with the current Ork 40K army is the complete
change in the weapons they use. Sure, I know that GW wants each and every
army to be unique in its weapons and tech, but the Orks have always
traditionally copied their enemies' weapons and called them similar things
(such as Boltaz, BattleKannonz, Meltaz, Flamaz, 'Eavy Plasma Gunz, etc.).
Only the truly unique Ork weapons such as the Shokk Attak Gun and Traktor
Kannon had uniquely Orky names. I'd hate to see Heresy go down the same
track as the current 40K Orks.

>> The list: shooter, slugga, big shoota, slug chukka, blasta, rippa, �uge
>> shoota, kannon, dakka, gunz, big gunz, �eavy gunz, zap gun.

Gods some of those names tick me off. Please don't go that way.


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