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Date: Mon, 01 Nov 1999 12:12:44 +1100

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>Heheh, already changed them but tell you what, why don't you name them? I
>can live
>with any names you decide.

Nah. I can line with you calling them whatever you decide to, I'll just
change the names of them in the list when I print them out. I just really
don't like the names shooter, slugga, chukka and zap gun. It lacks
imagination and seems to me to show the Orks as being too simple and stupid
to name the weapons anything else. Orks aren't stupid! They're just barbaric!

>> Gods some of those names tick me off. Please don't go that way.
>Well, let me know and I will send you the file or alternately, give me a
>list of
>names to use.

Hey, you're the main Author. Whatever you decide is your call, but I'll be
changing the names when I get the final draft. I just like the idea of the
Ork weapons having the same or similar names as their Imperial counterparts
(the Imperium IS where the Orks get most of their stolen weapon designs
from anyway) but with more Orky spelling such as Bolta, LazKannon, 'Eavy
Plazma Gun, 'Eavy Stubba, BattleKannon, AutoKannon, Missul Launcha, Rokkit
Launcha, etc...


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