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Kelvin wrote:

> >> I would prefer if the ork weapons had more orky names. I have made a list of
> >> interesitng orky weapon names for you to use and abuse. Of course it might
> >> just cause too much confusion but at least consider it. I have always hated
> >> the idea of orks using imperial bolters.
> >
> >Cool beans! I will use them.

Heheh, already changed them but tell you what, why don't you name them? I can live
with any names you decide.

> One my biggest pet gripes with the current Ork 40K army is the complete
> change in the weapons they use. Sure, I know that GW wants each and every
> army to be unique in its weapons and tech, but the Orks have always
> traditionally copied their enemies' weapons and called them similar things
> (such as Boltaz, BattleKannonz, Meltaz, Flamaz, 'Eavy Plasma Gunz, etc.).
> Only the truly unique Ork weapons such as the Shokk Attak Gun and Traktor
> Kannon had uniquely Orky names. I'd hate to see Heresy go down the same
> track as the current 40K Orks.
> >> The list: shooter, slugga, big shoota, slug chukka, blasta, rippa, �uge
> >> shoota, kannon, dakka, gunz, big gunz, �eavy gunz, zap gun.
> Gods some of those names tick me off. Please don't go that way.

Well, let me know and I will send you the file or alternately, give me a list of
names to use.

> -Kelvin....

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