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Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 23:53:41 PST

>Special Abilities
> Good, simple and not unbalancing.


>Black Rage
> Perhaps say they will move towards the enemy at Assault rate and not
>closest unit? Otherwise questions on what constitutes closest could come
>into play: "They're behind the building but they are closest so you have to
>move towards them." As long as they are moving towards the enemy it should
>be cool.

Yeah perhaps....

>Assault Terminators
> Like em a lot. Should be a core unit for the Marines in fact, especially
>with the keen Teleportation rules...

Hee hee *evil grins*

> Mmmh, dunno about the +1 Assault. Does this match anything in 40K2 or
>40K3? And can scouts join the Death Company? Seems kinda cheesy since its a
>"free" upgrade.

In 40K3 scouts CAN join the death company.....anyway, i supposed that the
blood angels would teach their scouts assault techniques...perhaps no frenzy
for them?

>Uhh oh my favorite army...let's see here...
>Ugh, see you based this on 40K3 :)~
> Do antipsykers in vehicles have the same effect on psykers? They could
>a real problem in a chaos army since Daemons should also be psykers. I can
>also see loading Noise Marines or gifted units into vehicles and doing
>"drive bys" on enemy psyker units :)

Suppose that they should be out in thwe open

> Man the Warmaster could kick some booty in assault :) Shouldn't the
>weapon cause fear or something?? And you can throw it?

I assumed it fires fireballs or something

>Overall I love it!! It's not "my" chaos since I'll be making a list based
>the old Realms of Chaos books but for 40K3 it rocks! Two thumbs up, don't
>see any problems with anthing other then where do Renegade Flamer troops
>come into play??

Dont know....marines with flamers are a very cahos like unit

> Intractable seems like a good special rule as long as people read the
>description all the way through. I looked at it and went "WTF?" then read
>again and noted the conditions...


> Interrogation..uhm..so you could engage a mob of gretchin and one of
>could provide info about the Fallen Angels AND give you 5 VPs? And you
>do this as much as you wanted?? I thought in the 40K3 codex for them only
>some units had interrogation abilities...

No....not really...perhaps some limits ar ein order

> Shouldn't this be Hatred(specific enemy)? IE Monks should have

Yeah, perhaps...or all non-humans

> <sputter, cough!!> Uhmmm. Ok so I have a Chaplain in a group that engages
>20 Gretchin stands and we wipe them out. I just got 100 VPs!!!! Better tone
>that down or limit the number of "Interrogations" you can perform or this

Good point!!

>Not sure about "buying" initiative bonuses but I don't see a huge problem
>with it. Maybe make it a bit more points. But it is a very "special" rule
>and I'd like to not have any if possible in Heresy to keep it from turning
>into Epic or NetEpic.

Yeah, you might be right

>Tactical Squads: Huh? Why not just make a standard "tactical" detachment 2
>Tactical Stands and 2 Devastator? Or give all IF tactical stands the
>all-purpose ability.

The last is propably to powerfull, having 2 devastators is propably about

>Devastators: Does their Codex equipment actually differ enough to make them
>different from standard Devastators? Seems like a needless special rule
>everyone else will wonder why "their" devastators can't do the same.

Perhaps...will need to playtest

>Rhinos: ?? Why the +1 assault??

Frag defender rounds, extra storm bolters, dozer blades etc.

>Drop Pods: AIEE!! Better playtest this one!! I could see this breaking some
>games on turn 1 or 2.

Might be too powerfull

>Predator: Call it a Predator Mk I or something so people have an obvious
>reference. Like it though. Make sure you note whether or not they can use
>the newer model Preds (Assume no?).

No new one...calling it mk I is cool

>Seems ok, but too many special rules that don't seem to add much. And one
>the points of Heresy was to reduce the number of special rules. Could you
>make "Skills and abilities" that take into account some of your special
>rules to make them more generic??

Ill try...

>Tactical Squad: Don't SW's have less ranged weapons? Enough to make them
>25cm range or whatnot?

Dont think so. They got bolters like most others.

>Scouts: Does not seem like enough to give them a special rule.

propably right

>Looks good otherwise! Lot less special rules and exceptions then the
>SM/NetEpic list.

Okay. might have gotten this one better

>Scout-Snipers: Should have the Stealth ability as well.

Yeah, but as they are attached to a non-stealth unit this would be weird

>Scout-Commandoes: Don't like these though. Can't see them being very useful
>or filling a role that Assault troops don't do better.

Perhaps...i just envisioned scouts with bombs and stuff sneaking around

>Retributors- AIEE! These guys could be vicious. You get too many of them
>unit though. I say 2 stands with 2 Rhinos (they like the legroom).
>Veterans- I would like see these be standard support troops.

Terminators are line....

>Blood Angel Veterans- Not needed I would think.
>Catachan Jungle Fighters- What does the jungle fighter ability do?

Check peters IG army list

>Mercenary humans- Bolters are a bit much. Give them lasguns.


>Eldar Renegades- These should be a separate codex I think.
>Legion of the Damned- Do they require leaders or what? Or are they always
>out of command?

Always in command....in effect heroes that cannot command other units

>Hit and Run
> Like the ability!


>Scouts: AIEE. 20cm? Aren't all scouts trained in generally the same way? I
>can see enhanced recon since the tacsquads also get it but not the 20cm
>infiltrate bonus.
>Dreads and Land Raiders: Is this backed up in 40K?

no, i just thought it would be appropriate

>Vindicator: Again, no percentages if possible. Maybe 1 unit per 1000 points
>and no artillery commanders etc etc.


>Looks good!

Thanks for ya feedback

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