[NetEpic ML] Location templates

From: Jason Glasco <j_glasco_at_...>
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 1999 00:12:16 PST


I am a newcomer to Epic, and after having read the 3rd Ed rules, realized
that NetEpic kicks ass!

Being a newcomer, I have a newcomer question, so if it sounds stupid than
forgive me.

Can anyone please tell me exactly how the location templates work? The
rules as stated are not entirely clear. It says to roll the location dice,
but does not elaborate.

I also noted that those dice are not in the 3rd Ed. set, since those rules
do not use templates. I assume that they were in earlier editions of Epic,
now lost to the annals of progress. Are they still available somewhere???
If not, what is a good way to substitute?

Any and all help is appreciated...


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