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Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1999 07:16:34 -0800

<grumble> Still don't like it, but can accept what currently exists. I'd
rather not make it possible at ALL for a gretchin to kill a Rhino with
shotguns and blackpowder weapons. That's why I still strongly suggest that
the rule be made a skill, so that it can be differentiated.

Hmm, Chaos is SOOOO different through the various editions it's not even
funny. Realms of Chaos is a LOT different from the 2ndEd Codex and that is a
LOT different from the 40K3 Codex...

I say we can all make lists and if we want, later we can combine them or
keep them separate. Chaos is funny that way - it's perfectly logical to have
multiple Chaos lists...

I need to get my Chaos books back but I'll start on a stand-in Codex
sometime soon.


> Well, Tzeentch (AKA Kenneth) bitched a bit about the anti-armour fire
> rule.....well here goes:
> 1: Grethchin suffer (I think) a fat -2 to penetration allready so if using
> anti-armour they would be at -4. In other words, for a suicide bomber
> gretchin to knock out a rhino (the lowest armour in the game) he would
> to roll a 10. No big unbalancing problem IMHO
> 2: Commissars with boltpistols also represent the commissars trusty 4 men
> that make up the stand. They would undoubtedly carry ktrak grenades,
> and other anti-armour stuff. Also, in reality troops carry oneshot missile
> launchers to bust tanks
> 3: What about Kenneth doing the daemonic army list. It will propably be a
> bit like the old realm of chaos stuff. i have never really studied all the
> weird daemon engines too closely. Then I will do the "rebels and
> codex which will contain rebel imperial guard, deviant mutants and similar
> cult stuff.
> Just maker sure that you limit the amount of marines and cultists when
> writing the list.
> Is this okay with you Kenneth???
> See ya all in a better place (with more time for Epic)
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