[NetEpic ML] Heresy things

From: Weasel Fierce <septimus__at_...>
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 1999 06:47:57 PST

Well, Tzeentch (AKA Kenneth) bitched a bit about the anti-armour fire
rule.....well here goes:

1: Grethchin suffer (I think) a fat -2 to penetration allready so if using
anti-armour they would be at -4. In other words, for a suicide bomber
gretchin to knock out a rhino (the lowest armour in the game) he would have
to roll a 10. No big unbalancing problem IMHO

2: Commissars with boltpistols also represent the commissars trusty 4 men
that make up the stand. They would undoubtedly carry ktrak grenades, meltas
and other anti-armour stuff. Also, in reality troops carry oneshot missile
launchers to bust tanks

3: What about Kenneth doing the daemonic army list. It will propably be a
bit like the old realm of chaos stuff. i have never really studied all the
weird daemon engines too closely. Then I will do the "rebels and renegades"
codex which will contain rebel imperial guard, deviant mutants and similar
cult stuff.

Just maker sure that you limit the amount of marines and cultists when
writing the list.

Is this okay with you Kenneth???

See ya all in a better place (with more time for Epic)

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