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Date: Mon, 01 Nov 1999 18:52:11 +0000


Jason Glasco wrote:

> Hi!
> I am a newcomer to Epic, and after having read the 3rd Ed rules, realized
> that NetEpic kicks ass!
> Being a newcomer, I have a newcomer question, so if it sounds stupid than
> forgive me.

No need for apologies, we welcome all questions new and old.

> Can anyone please tell me exactly how the location templates work? The
> rules as stated are not entirely clear. It says to roll the location dice,
> but does not elaborate.

After you have rolled to hit you "select" a location on the template where you
would like your shot to land. Once you select the location roll the scatter
dice. These are two dice one that has 4 blank spaces and one with up and
another down. The second dice has also 4 blank spaces but with one left and
right. Blank spaces means no shift. Roll these dice and scatter from your
selected location. Sometimes the scatter takes you off the template, these are
complete misses. One the final scatter is determined thats the locale that
makes the armor save.

So if you went lets say for the head on a warlord titan and you roll two blanks
that means you hit the head right on. If you roll an UP and a blank that means
the shot went high missing the titan.

Clear enough?

> I also noted that those dice are not in the 3rd Ed. set, since those rules
> do not use templates. I assume that they were in earlier editions of Epic,
> now lost to the annals of progress. Are they still available somewhere???
> If not, what is a good way to substitute?

Substitute two d6 dice each of a different color as follows:

2-5 blank space or no scatter

Second d6:

2-5 No scatter

This will recreate those dice in the same manner. You could contact GW mail
order to see if they still have these dice available.

> Any and all help is appreciated...

Feel free to ask as much as you want as much as you feel necessary.

Happy Gaming!

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