[NetEpic ML] Heresy Counters+Upcoming Projects

From: Tzeentch <tzeentch666_at_...>
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 17:22:17 -0800

By this weekend I should have the handy-dandy countersheets for Heresy
completed (no more using Epic counters as stand-ins!). There will be a color
version for those blessed with color printers and a black and white version
that will have coloring instructions.

Morale will be depicted on a single counter that will show current morale
level as well as quality. The Order and Morale counters will be different
shapes for easy recognition.

I've also started to dabble in my old Legionnaire rules (for those that
remember that). A lot of the systems from that have been adapted to Heresy
already so I'm thinking of making it more of a man-to-man system using the
same basic rules. I have some ideas on making it very sensor dependent using
adapted rules from Shadowrun to handle ECM/ECCM and sensor ranges (Shadowrun
3 has some GREAT mechanics).

If anyone has the notes I sent out a long time ago on using Heavy Gear as
the vehicle construction system for Legionnaire could someone please forward
that to me?

I'm also still looking for someone who has the banner.zip file from the
Adeptus Titanicus Online site.

Also, we're going to try and kick off the next issue of Incoming. So if you
would like to contribute let Simon, me or Birol know.

In other news I now have all of the old SPI Middle Earth:The Ring Trilogy
games online. This includes War of the Ring, Sauron and Gondor. Only thing
missing are cards for War of the Ring and counters. I should correct that
fairly soon...

I've also restarted work on Codex Titanicus and I plan on knocking that out
by next week at the absolute latest (Marine Corps B-Day means a 96 for me!
heh). I'll also scan up the counters and such that are not in NetEpic
(including the special Titan ones...). Everything will be in PDF but I'm
making sure I keep the Word source backed up on CDR. Other OCR projects
include several of the old Traveller games (Fifth Frontier War, Imperium and
Invasion: Earth) and scanning up the counters and map for Battlesuit
(assuming I can't get the PBEM set that has been made).

If you would like to see anything specific from the old Adeptus Titanicus
series online sooner rather then later then let your voice be heard! Send me
an email telling me what you want.

NetEpic Idea Rat
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